Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keyboard Warrior Malaysians

Felt and itch in my mind and fingers and so, I have decided to blog again. I'm really gonna beat around the bush about this shit, can't think straight cause of exams.

The media is really picking on Malaysia, and its really, our fault. No, not only the gomen, but its really all our fault; and no, I'm not going to talk about voting rights and all those jack-dung. Okay, maybe a bit but its only to warn that change will not happen at the present nor will it happen in the near future. The voting system here is spoiled so deep, that only the reigning party of a a few decades will understand; they have only to win those important seats to regain control and in those areas. Adding to that, the reigning party has such a strong political hold in those important areas that only time can loosen their grip. The opposition however, is still growing and their leader does not even have a grip on their own allies. So enough said; we need to move on, and especially the youngsters.

I have to say, people of my generation, even me, we lose patience to fast, we learn too fast and forget to take a step back and think. What we see in the media, are to me, to different sides; we have that Malaysiakini style bunch and we have the loyal mainstream puppets. Readers of one get too emotional, readers of another are blinded by ignorance. What we get from this are storms on social media sites, like rants, complaints, hate posts, spreading of rumours and other shenanigans (what I call them). I'm pretty sure most of us believe that the freedom of speech or writing is important but we do not know how to make it work for us. Malaysia will not change for a long time because we lack one key thing, DIALOGUE.

For most of my Facebook friends, and sometimes me too; we like to complain and rant about what's going on in the news, how stupid our leaders look or sound when they say certain things or whether banning inter-religion marriages is against the constitution. All I see are posts going "I can't believe this, WTF, How can this happen etc." and then insert a news post. I know social media is for sharing but I don't think we see the point here, shit is really happening in our country and we need to prevent this from continuing, and posting news with a caption ain't going to help. We need to start talking about important things and coming up with educated criticism; but that's not it, sharing you views ain't enough to get the message across, no it won't.

Got to encourage others to join and share their thoughts as well. This is the DIALOGUE I'm talking about, we do not just want to hear our friends trying to calm us down or agree with passion, but our enemies to respond too; but with patience and some sense of course. A typical bad habit of Malaysians, (even seen in the parliament meetings or "Peoples Hall") is that we criticise not with substance but with nonsensical insults. Yes, we like to hit the jugular straight away. It is rude, it boils the other guy's blood, and it will eventually lead to sentences that involve personifying pigs. Then, we forget the main point.

In fact, we are still youthful, and full of rebellious energy, why waste that energy pouring hateful posts, quoting ridiculous words from our leaders being all emotional about bad leadership in our country. It's not for us to complaint when we are the future of this country; let the older generations complaint, cause they have the right to. They have lived here for so long, worked so hard for their children and the current situation isn't what they deserve to be honest. Those who are much more senior to us, some even seen the Golden Age of our politics (when we won independence), been through the emergency era, maybe even the war, and now to see our country like this, they have the right to rant and complaint.  This leads to us young adults today to actually make a change for the future.

We actually have less problems than most developing countries out there. Many friends of mine (International Students) have it worse at their home countries; people from Sri Lanka say their gomen (who ended the war against the Tamil Tigers, if I'm not mistaken) is actually a power hungry family business and have gangsters "deal" with people they don't like; A friend from Pakistan, will never go back cause you may actually lose you life there; Thailand is in turmoil; while we are here criticising our PM for visiting pandas. We have more important things to worry about, like our constitutional rights for freedom of speech, sedition act, freedom of religion and so on. Visiting pandas is probably a formality that the PM have to go through or the Chinese will get angry and a PR stunt to keep our minds away from GST issues. We can't even focus on the important things, so how can our leaders?

And to be honest, I do not know much about our own constitution; DO YOU? We need to buck up on that, get educated on our own country, its laws and its crazy economic movements; then we criticise. This generation needs to grow up fast and not just see right from wrong and what's ridiculous (because at the moment, a lot of news are obviously ridiculous) but to open our minds and ask the right questions as well. We need to start openly creating dialogues to share opinions because there is no true right or true wrong, and most importantly to understand the many issues from different perspectives with an open mind. Take the bigger picture, cause that's what we need to see.

I plead for all Malaysians to be mindful of what we post about our country or why we are ranting or complaining about a certain national issue. Try not to be emotional, be rational and be more accepting toward other people's opinions. From there, we can probably get more people to open their minds and think a little more. Usually, when we think, we get smarter, not when when attend classes. Maybe, just maybe if we are able to make more people think; we will have more educated leaders next time. Also, hopefully blokes our age would think twice than to ridicule themselves when some become our leaders.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

At the Height of Civilization, comes De-Civilization

Something to ponder over.

Why is that?
I believe the world would somehow after the height of civilization, spiral downwards toward a world that we now would think as uncivilized. Its slowly becoming true.

I just read an article about a Spanish gym; it let its patrons workout naked. No, seriously, in their birthday suits! Well I don't see the purpose of it, because I like some undergarments holding my balls in place. It just shows that no matter what civilization brings to us, a better community, economy, human rights; some of us are still wanting something more natural. Its human nature to be comfortable in our first skins. Now that public places are letting us be as free as a chimpanzee, the brave would jump at the chance I guess.

Another thing that worries me, peace has never reached out to the whole world, many countries are still at war. This glutton for power and the lure of conquest will never fade from man's instinct. I have read a book about companies being able to buy a few countries and setup a new empire there. Why not, so many MNC's are richer than some countries, buying over one, developing it and making it its own market could be a future business strategy. Slowly, these empires would grow and other companies may fight to gain certain parts of the earth. Sounds a bit like ancient times where there would be empires at war with each other, with swords and bows. In the future, I assume, it would be numbers. Back then, it was the machine of war that propelled nations into glory, war technology brought them up. Right now, its more about money and economy, hence the numbers I was talking about meant money or stock; that would tell how powerful a group such as a company or any nation is. Its a new war, a war of companies, of sales and women would be the army, I guess. Buy buy buy and buy.

What else? Desperation; before every point of a spike in development or civilization, there was desperation. The need and drive that got mankind working their socks of for something better. Well, I think in the future, with all the technology, law and order, economy, work and studies, the new desperation is to break free. Like now, we hear more about rapists and the porn industry is getting bigger, there is a nude gym, private parties encouraging orgies, clubs that encourage cheating or swinging (if they really needed another name for cheating). Its the natural human instinct breaking out. I'm pretty sure you have asked yourself why is life getting more stressed. I'm 20, at the best time of my life, supposedly, and I have never felted this stressed before, when will I be desperate to be a free human being? Its the social connection between others, the common understanding of what's "cool" or "uncool" or what is now "right" or "wrong". All of that would change, just like how Bieber divided the world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lame Joke of The Week

Something to laugh at or ponder over,

What the dinner say to supper when they met one day?

dinner said, "hey, what'sup-ah?"

Monday, April 18, 2011

ProjectMAD...I need it to reinitiate!

Helping people and staying there just to keep them company made my day. I think I'm ready to give again, ready to push the boundaries of just being a young adult. I will bring back Project: Make A Difference; slowly, but indefinitely. HELP NEEDED, who's interested?

There and Back Again

So, I'm back, only to post the most epic day ever. I had a friend who's had her car battery lying dead in its groove; yes batteries die, its a sad occasion. So she asked me for a jump start, so I went to help, the mechanic was there and all he needed was the jump cable. He used it but to no avail, it was too thin, had too much resistivity to conduct any life into that dead lil thing. There was this other dude, who had the same trouble, car battery died. We waited for the mechanic to bring back his heavy duty cables.

The mechanic came back after awhile, started the car, and whoosh everyone started exiting the car park. Now these two girls, one with the faulty battery decided to go to get a new battery, and hey, this dude who just got his car alive again asked for help. With all the commotion about two cars getting jump-started by this old green Sentra, which is apparently mine, friends came to help. So the story is these few guys knows some mechanic nearby and they were willing to help the two unlucky souls; I was there, as a supporting friend.

More waiting commenced for the mechanic to arrive and to fix the two cars. When everything was set, it was time for me to head home, had a quiz to finish, my friends who could help are all home. I had to study a little bit before I got started with the quiz. How awesome was it to find out the Activities Room was locked, with my bag and stuff inside, great. Time to call for help, checked the time with my mobile only to find that it's battery had lost all its power. What next? I rushed to dinner, It's a must to eat. Tom yam was on my mind again, and so I had it. Sri Bunga, awesome shit landed there.

I wasted no time after eating, I was back home in three minutes; switched on the computer, set-up the quiz and asked for some friendly online help. More pure unjust luck, Streamyx crapped in my foxhole; it disconnected. Waited I did, and when finally I got to get back online, I had 35 minutes left on the clock, but thank Angga he was there. For some reason, my genius friend could tell me the answer of each question in a few seconds, brilliant. We finished with 10 minutes to go. It seemed pretty fine, but I did not share the fact that I had a stomach problem since I got home. So do I need to tell you what happened next?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Something you'd ponder over or laugh at..

Dinner Time Joke:

"What do you call the cargo that donkeys carry?"

CLUE: think food.

WHY ESCARGOT (pronouced like ass~kar~goh) OF COURSE..

-Phoon Chi Kit-

Monday, March 1, 2010

Laughable Epiphanies

Something that makes you wonder or laugh about...

"Mulan, the fictional Chinese character, sounds like Mou (no) Lan (dick); which explains a lot don't you think?"

-Phoon Chi Kit-